This is the number one question I get from business owners looking to build a business online.

Over the last 10 years I’ve had ONE wife and FIFTY different online tools. As you can tell I’m committed to my wife and willing to change my online marketing tools when needed. 😂

If there is one thing I can guarantee it is that you will not be using all the same online marketing tools in 3 years that you use today. Having said that I will share with you the tools I use and recommend today.

When I find an online marketing tool that helps me grow my business or streamline it I promise to let you know. Many of the tools I use and recommend provide me with commission if you purchase through my link. There is no additional cost to use my affiliate link and in most cases I can provide special discounts or trials just for trusting me. I only recommend tools that I either currently use or have tested and would recommend.


What are the best online tools for a digital business?

Most Recommended Tools

Below you will find the software we use in building successful online businesses. We don't just use one single tool, we combine the best in class software that provides solutions to problems every digital entrepreneur will face.

This is why you will see the + (plus symbol) below as we combine the tools to form the best solution.

I trust Kajabi to deliver the best experience for my digital course and membership customers plus the ease of use for my team to manage.


What is the best software to host digital courses or membership?

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create online courses, launch marketing campaigns, build landing pages, and design the perfect website. If you are planning to sell digital courses you need the best platform to market and sell your products. In my business I use Kajabi for online courses and membership. Many of my students use Kajabi for their entire website, landing pages, and email marketing as well.

Digital Course Hosting, Membership Hosting, Website and Email Marketing All-In-One

The most critical component of any online business is the email and customer database. I've trusted ActiveCampaign for 8+ years to deliver email campaigns, automations and personalize the customer experience.


What is the best email marketing and automation software?

The email marketing platform you choose is very important because this will likely be a tool you use for many years and having the right platform to grow with is crucial. Over the years I’ve used upwards of 10 different email platforms and ActiveCampaign is the winner. No tool will be perfect so I like to use a tool that is easy to setup, optimize and integrate with other tools. I use Kajabi and ActiveCampaign together to provide a robust customer experience that is automated with personalization that sets myself apart from the competition.

email marketing, marketing automation, crm tools

Make it easy for customers to buy your products online. This is a core concept I teach every business owner and why I trust SamCart as my online storefront. It also directly integrates with Kajabi and ActiveCampaign!

TRY samcart

What is the best e-commerce software for online business?

SamCart is the first (and only) direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform. It’s built to sell products, not brands. This gives your potential customers an easier buying experience, which increases your sales, maximizes the value of every customer and simplifies your business at the same time. SamCart makes it incredibly easy to not only sell, but to increase sales with easy to use order enhancements like upsells, downsells, add-ons, multiple payment types, and much more.


Think you can't personalize and scale a business at the same time...well think again!

Introducing my secret weapon in online business that make my new customers and prospects become raving fans.


What is the best software to turn customers into raving fans?

This tool is my weapon against low engagement! If there is a place in the customer journey that could use the help of a personalized video to add value, improve trust, and convert more customers this is the tool you need. It can be used to nurture sales leads, thank new buyers, or onboard new customers. It directly integrates with my favorite CRM ActiveCampaign so setup is simple.


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This podcast has a mix of business training, digital marketing insights and inspiration heard from the mouths of inspiring entrepreneurs that took the risk on themselves!

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