I'm a rebellious creator with a passion for figuring things out. Staying curious is my game and online business is my fame.

Business talk fires me up and I get a kick out of helping people like you grow an online business that fuels you & serves others. This is why I created and host The Curious Hero Podcast.

Before I was able to move to my dream hometown in Southern California...

I was another corporate employee, struggling to find my purpose and wanting to make a difference with something that mattered.

After graduating college I began my career as an IT consultant with a Fortune 50 company and had aspirations to become a partner someday.

I soon realized that the corporate world was not where I would thrive so I started my first business; an insurance agency. This was a great learning experience in building a business and little did I know was going to lead me into online business.

In 2009 I was introduced to the online marketing world which would be the start of everything for me. Before I jump into what I'm up to these days we need to go back to one of the most important decisions I ever made.

It involves clinging to an airplane before I let go...

I'm Tom Polifka

It wasn't all smiles. Before the online business that creates time freedom and income 24/7/365...

It's funny when you look back at what you once thought was your "dream career" and laugh because you now know there is so much more opportunity to live a fulfilled life.

That was me hanging off the wing of an inverted biplane 5000' over corn fields in Illinois. This was an experience I'll never forget for many reasons but most importantly it was one of the last times I would use that parachute...

With the force of gravity pulling me down and the plane ripping through the sky upside down I had to let go. It was a beautiful skydive and one of the last times I remember jumping. Not long after this jump I sold my parachute to fund the start of my insurance agency.

This would be a defining point in my entrepreneurial journey. The point where I decided I needed to go for my dream of building a business even if it meant giving up something I enjoyed.

I had to let go!

What do you need to let go of?

Risking it all...

Why this matters for you.

It is easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to the latest in digital marketing, software, or just plain technology. I consider myself the crash test pilot for my students and clients to learn what works.

Over the last 10+ years running multiple online businesses in e-commerce, affiliate marketing, digital courses, and coaching the #1 trait that has helped me succeed is being adaptable.

Whether I'm coaching someone on starting a business, building their website, or running Facebook ads...I speak from years of experience in the trenches that are required as an online entrepreneur.

Failed fast & learned

Experience matters

I eked out a 2.7 GPA in high school, didn't get accepted to college, then went on to graduate Cum Laude from said college. (Take that CSU!) Went on to build multiple six-figure businesses and will write a book.

Adapt or fade away

When starting a business expect to be a C student while you learn the game. Get comfortable failing fast and getting better. My most successful clients are willing to forego the ego and learn.





Before operating my own businesses I worked in customer service, sales, accounting and tech support roles to name a few. This experience has proven essential to helping other entrepreneurs.


Things you should know about Tom...

This is me paragliding along the cliffs of Torrey Pines in San Diego, CA. I once dreamed of living here and now I do. Sun, sand, golf, and flying...can it get better?

Curious Hero




A place where being curious is encouraged, where taking risks is commonplace, and where failures transform misfits into moguls. Sounds like the life of an entrepreneur! Stories will be told of rags to riches but the most sought after stories are the ones of someone who had just enough courage to start.

This podcast has a mix of business training, digital marketing insights and inspiration heard from the mouths of inspiring entrepreneurs that took the risk on themselves!