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Hey! I'm Tom

"Maybe the single best thing about having money is that it makes money seem a great deal less important." - Peter Barton

...drinking your morning cup of coffee, checking your email to see that you received new payments of $97, $27 and $1997 all while you were putting the kids to bed and catching up on your favorite Netflix series.

Struggling to figure out online business? I've been there. Overwhelmed with all the latest marketing fads and ever changing software tools? Yep been there, too.

I made my first online sale in September 2009 and was immediately hooked! At that moment I knew it was possible.

For the last 11 years I've been quietly selling millions of dollars in digital and physical products all online. Each of these businesses generate sales whether I'm behind the computer or putting my girls to bed. It's time for you to have the same freedom and you know it's possible because others have done it!


That's what happened to me...

Now I help entrepreneurs like you build an online business you can be proud of by removing the tech overwhelm, applying time-tested best practices, and empowering you to figure it out or hire it out.

"When I showed my husband the money coming in he was like are you kidding me, who is the Tom guy?"

I'm Tom Polifka

I believe we all have value to share with the world and being an entrepreneur is the purest form of value creation. You are able to solve someone's problem and in return you are compensated.

My zone of genius lies in helping value creators like you find those who have a problem, make them aware you have a solution, and deliver results.

Father 1st...then husband, creator, podcaster, writer, youtuber, and curious.

who is TOM? curious...